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Belvidere Day Spa

6 Market Street
Belvidere, New Jersey 07823
Phone :908-475-0094
Fax 908-475-0095

Body Massages

Swedish Massage
Relaxation therapy for improved circulation
and stress reduction $70

Deep Tissue Massage
A deep reaching massage for targeted release of
stubborn knots and muscle tension $75

Hot Stone Massage
Stone therapy is combined with traditional Swedish
massage to dissolve tension and induce deep relaxation. $90

Sports Massage
A customized technique combined to relieve
muscle aches and discomforts as well as muscle
spasms and headache.

Pre Natal Massage
A prefect massage for the expectant mother using gentle massage techniques to provide overall relaxation.

Couples Massage
(subject to room availability)

Massage for 2

Request any combination of above massages

Scalp Massage
A very relaxing massage which helps to stimulate blood flow and relieve pain associated with headaches, migraines and sinus conditions 30 min $45

*Add aroma therapy to any massage $10

Reiki is a form of "hands-on-healing" in which the practitioner works with universal life force energy to restore the client's energy centers (chakras) to their most natural state of flow. This process helps to restore and strengthen the whole system—mind, body, spirit—for wellness.

$ 2.00 per minute
Contact us at 908-475-0094 for pricing on other services available and/or to make a reservation.